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Quake Live standalone launcher available now

The standalone launcher for Quake Live is available now, according to a post on the Bethesda Blog.

Developer Id Software announced last November that it would transition to a downloadable client for the online shooter. According to the accompanying FAQ, players with Quake Live already installed need to "download and install a small launcher" which will update their existing files. Profiles, match stats and clan rosters are now part of the client and will not require users to launch a web browser to view. Linux and Mac platforms aren't officially supported, but Id writes that users may be able to run the new client through virtualization software.

In addition to the standalone client, Quake Live Pro subscribers can now host matches for non-Pro users in all of the free-to-play shooter's Premium game modes.

Premium membership grants subscribers full support for clans, regular content updates and the ability to bypass queues and pre-game advertisements and more for $1.99 monthly. Pro membership includes all Premium features plus five additional game types to use in Start a Match, the ability to start your own match and a year of match history.

"Quake Live remains free to play and offers extended access and features to members with Premium and Pro accounts," the post reads. "And to celebrate the New Year, Pro subscribers may now host matches for standard users on all seven Premium game modes, including Freeze Tag and Domination!"

You can learn more about the new client in today's blog post.

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