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Papo & Yo dev posts public response to five-page fan letter

Minority Media, the developer behind fantasy adventure title Papo & Yo, posted a personalized response to a "powerful" anonymous letter sent to its office.

Community manager Rommel Romero responded on behalf of the team. According to Romero's post, the letter was a five-page, hand-written message "signed with music notes and a heart."

"We called a meeting and I read them your gripping story out loud," Romero wrote. "I had to stop every other paragraph to regain my composure; your story is an overwhelming one and your courage is inspiring.

"Being a small company, our path is filled with many challenges and the energy we get from our community of fans helps us push forward. When I was finished reading your letter to the team and I looked back at them, I saw in their faces that you had given them strength."

Romero does not reveal the contents of the letter, though he hints at something strongly personal that relates to the developer's own game, Papo & Yo. Players step into the shoes of Quico, a young boy with an alcoholic father. To escape, Quico explores a fantasy world alongside a giant beast with an addiction to frogs known as Monster.

"In your letter, you spoke of your father and about how he tells you that your thoughts are worthless," Romero wrote. "I am writing you to tell you that we disagree: your thoughts are powerful."

Papo & Yo is available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC via Steam. For more on the story behind the game, read our feature on creator Vander Caballero.

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