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EverQuest Next Landmark dev diary details advanced building

The latest developer diary for EverQuest Next's creation tool, EverQuest Landmark, demonstrates advanced techniques players can use to build.

According to lead building and UI designer Jake Sones and associate producer Eric Smith, there are several changes and new features to take note of. The game's selection tools have been modified; once a selection has been made, players can move that highlighted box as they see fit.

Other improvements include the ability to make structures float, a mirror option and a grid system that will allow players to edge pieces more easily.

"You don't have to worry about getting it right along the edge or worry about something hanging off," Smith said. "It just snaps to grid and you can build really quickly."

However, players can also choose to go off-grid to use space as they wish.

For more on advanced building techniques, check out the video above. You can also read our interview with Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley to find out how Landmark will allow players to shape the world of EverQuest Next.

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