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Biblical role-playing game turns to Kickstarter for funding

Phoenix Interactive Studios is currently collecting funds via Kickstarter for single-player role-playing game Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham.

The Call of Abraham is rooted in Biblical stories and was created with the help of an advisory team made of pastor and ministry leaders. Players take on the role of a fictional member of Abraham's caravan; they'll explore stories and conflicts from the Bible while searching for ways to avoid violence.

"Of course, there is violence in the Bible, but even when the main character must kill a rabid wolf attacking Abraham's sheep, or run into battle, there is always a just cause and you are only able to engage in activities that are honorable," the game's page reads. "And on occasions where there is a better alternative to violence, you are rewarded for finding and choosing it."

The campaign is seeking $100,000 by Feb. 6. Backer tiers begin at $5 and extend to $10,000, with rewards ranging from personal thank yous, weapon codes and a digital copy of the game to a place on the advisory board for the game.

You can watch the studio's Kickstarter pitch in the video below. The Call of Abraham is being developed for Mac and Windows PC.