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Team Meat teases Mew-Genics gameplay with birthing GIF

Team Meat released the "first ever in-game footage" of its upcoming title, Mew-Genics, as a kitten-birthing GIF on its blog.

The GIF, which you can view below, features a pregnant cat giving birth to her first litter while the father looks on. Although kittens change when they "evolve or grow up," the post reads, both cats show similar traits to their parents.

"The rest is unknown in the GIF," the post reads. "We don't know how the kitten will act, what it will look like when he grows up. His head, eyes and tail will change when he hits puberty, his nose might appear and his voice may change."

As revealed previously, a cat's development will also be impacted by its personal stats, environment, personality and more.

Mew-Genics is currently being developed for Steam, iOS and Android. A release date has not been announced.


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