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BitSummit 2014 registrations now open

Registrations for BitSummit 2014, the independent developer conference held in Japan, are now open through the event's official website until Feb. 7.

International game creators are invited to register but priority will be given to Japanese developers. According to the conference's organizers, this year's BitSummit will be held at a venue eight times larger than last year's. The event will also be extended from one day to three and the gaming public is now welcome to attend the conference.

Developers are required to ensure that their games can run without an internet connection as the event will not feature BitSummit sponsored internet access. Further information on BitSummit is outlined on the conference's official FAQ.

Created and directed by Q Games' James Mielke, the event aims to introduce international media to independent Japanese devs to create future working bonds. BitSummit 2014 will be held at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall in Japan from March 7-9. To learn more about BitSummit and its goal, be sure to read our feature where we talk to the event's founders and participating developers.

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