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Lord of the Rings Online developers aren't working on any new dungeons in the near future

Turbine Entertainment, the studio behind massively multiplayer online game Lord of the Rings Online, is not developing new dungeon instances or raids in the near future for the long-running game, community manager Rick Heaton confirmed at a recent event.

Plans, however, are still open for updates to older zones in 2014, which Heaton says remains a "possibility." Heaton also confirmed there are no current plans for the development of in-game housing throughout the Rohan area, and that "significant technical issues" are currently standing in the way of plans to merge servers.

Helm's Deep, the fifth expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online, launched in November after a short delay caused by a power outage in one of the data center run by the developer. Helm's Deep focuses on Rohan, the grassy realm from The Lord of the Rings, with five new areas in western Rohan. The expansion contains massive battles in which players will fight alongside Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and King Theoden against Saruman's armies of Uruk-hai.

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