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Fable Anniversary pre-orders get you three in-game outfits

Lionhead Studios announced today what you can expect alongside pre-orders of the upcoming Fable Anniversary release, the HD remake of the studio's original Fable.

A post on the studio's official blog details three pre-order packs that each include their own outfit and weapon based on characters from the game.

The Peirates pre-order pack comes with an outfit and cutlass based on Fable plunderer Peirates (or Pete). The Snowspire pre-order pack comes with a Snowspire Guard outfit and Jackarse fish that doubles as a face-slapping weapon of sorts. Finally, Apollo's pre-order pack comes with an outfit worn by the leader of The Grey Company and a crossbow.

These packs will be made available for purchase in retail and on the Xbox Game Store later in the year. The HD remake of the original Fable was originally slated for a holiday 2013 release, but was delayed to 2014 in September. The game is now slated to arrive Feb. 4 in North America and Feb. 7 in Europe on Xbox 360. The studio is yet to make announcements about an Xbox One launch.

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