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Professional Halo player Eric Hewitt joins 343 Industries

Halo developer 343 Industries has hired professional gamer Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt, best known for competing as part of Team Carbon.

Hewitt finally broke his silence on social media over the weekend after uploading a photo of a flight ticket suggesting the pro-gamer was headed to the Seattle-based studio. Later, his profile biography was updated to confirm his part in the 343 Industries team. We've contacted the studio for details on what exact role Hewitt will play in the development of the franchise's next entry.

Hewitt has been proactive on the Halo tournament scene, having previously helped to create the settings for Halo 4's official competitive playlist and assisted in last year's Halo 4 Global Championship in Austin, Texas.

This isn't the first time the studio has hired professional Halo players; The company took on board pro-players "Dersky" and "Neighbour" last year.

Earlier in the month it was confirmed the next chapter in the Halo franchise will come to Xbox One this year, despite being MIA from a list of the console's big 2014 games. The latest Halo title, top-down third-person shooter Spartan Assault, launched for Xbox One Dec. 23, 2013. For more on the game, read our review.

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