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Here's how you unlock the SUAV in Battlefield 4

A new video from Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb shows off how players can unlock the SUAV drone in Battlefield 4's "China Rising" DLC.

Unlocking the drone requires a ribbon awarded when the player gets a kill with a bomber on one of the game's maps; Hryb jumps in a fighter at the start of the battle to make it to the bomber control point before anyone else. From there, it's a simple task to find enemies in the desert dunes and make it rain death.

Hryb also demonstrates how to use the SUAV: After launch, the player can fly around and locate targets, laser-marking them for teammates. However, the player character is vulnerable while controlling the drone and flight time is limited by the drone's battery.

For more on Battlefield 4 and its ongoing server issues, check out our story stream.

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