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Steam Early Access shooter Insurgency launches in full Jan. 22

Indie shooter Insurgency will launch as a full title via Steam on Jan. 22, developer New World Interactive announced today.

Insurgency is a multiplayer shooter that requires players to work together strategically. The game, a standalone sequel to a Half-Life 2 mod, was released for Steam Early Access in March 2013. According to New World Interactive, the launch signifies the end of the game's beta phase, but not its development.

"We've gained tremendous feedback from our community during early access, and in the process have grown accustomed to providing frequent updates to the game based on user experience," founder and game director Jeremy Blum said.

Extra downloadable content and all future updates will be available to those who've purchased the game.

Insurgency is currently available for Mac and Windows PC for $19.99; you can watch the game's launch trailer below. For more on how Insurgency went from a mod to a game, check out our interview with New World Interactive community manager Andrew Spearin.

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