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Call heads or tails, alive or dead with these BioShock Infinite coins

Those of you who've played BioShock Infinite may remember an early scene involving the Lutece twins, a coin and some metaphysics. Thanks to a pair of additions to the developer Irrational Games' store from Sanshee, you can now recreate that scene at home.

First unveiled late last year, the $11.99 BioShock Infinite Lutece coin holds Robert Lutece on the "Alive" side and and Rosalind Lutece on the "Dead" side of the 1.5-inch piece. Irrational also minted the $11.99 BioShock Infinite Silver Eagle coin, whose 1.5-inch head side features a key, sword and a scroll and whose tail side holds the Monument Tower and the word "Columbia" across the top.

You see and order each coin in the Irrational Games Store, where you'll also find Vigor bottles, a Songbird plushie and more. Press play below to relive the scene that inspired the minting.

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