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Broken Age hitting Steam with Season Pass, not Early Access

Broken Age, Double Fine Productions' Kickstarter-funded adventure game, is no longer headed to Steam Early Access, according to an update on the game's Kickstarter blog.

Instead, Double Fine will sell Act 1 of Broken Age on Valve's digital distribution platform as a regular release with a Season Pass for Act 2. Founder Tim Schafer originally announced last July that Double Fine would sell the first half of Broken Age via Steam Early Access, in part to raise additional development funds.

"For various logistical reasons," the post reads, "and because we believe Act 1 is a polished and satisfying piece of content in its own right, Broken Age will be a standard Steam release that includes a 'Season Pass' granting access to Act 2 once it is complete. Anyone who has Act 1 — either by being a backer, or by buying the game separately — will receive Act 2 as a free update when it's ready."

Last week, a Double Fine representative told Polygon that the studio behind Costume Quest, The Cave and Psychonauts would announce Broken Age's public release date tomorrow, Jan. 14.

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