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Blacksmith Man at Arms tackles Sephiroth's Sword

Tony Swatton, YouTube blacksmither of fantasy arms, has turned his skills to one of the most iconic of video game weapons; Sephiroth's Sword from Final Fantasy 7.

In the new episode of Man at Arms, Swatton shows how he created a replica of the unfeasibly long Masamune. Working with an 84 inch blade, he spent an eight hour session at a grinder. "This is a big blade. Takes a lot of time to grind it," he explained. On the upside, he was able to make use of a highly specialized hammer, designed specifically for forging katanas. The sword handle was fashioned from an old chair leg, covered in stingray skin.

In the end, the Man at Arms team was able to compare Sephiroth's Sword with earlier Final Fantasy creation, the Buster Blade, and, according to the show's traditions, to chop up some melons.

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