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Battlefield 4 patch hits PS3, PS4 today fixing stability and balance

DICE is rolling out patches for Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 today to address ongoing stability and balance problems, according to posts on the Battlelog forums.

Both platform patches address a feedback timing issue during which blood would appear before damage was done to players, a bug that made soldiers die with one health point instead of zero and issues where a friendly marker would not appear, causing players to shoot teammates. Repair rates across all vehicles have been evened out, making vehicles with lower health points – like transport carriers and aircraft — repair more slowly. Stealth Jet 20mm cannons have also had their damage increased by 25 percent and a bug making the M1 Abrams Coaxial HMG ammo box block a driver's camera view has also been fixed. Additional, problems with displayed health on kill cards not being updated correctly during combat have also been fixed.

The PS3 patch includes a dozen more fixes: issues linked to player rank icons not updating, camera glitches while moving in a crouch and problems with engine sounds dropping out while driving IFVs have been rectified. A problem with first and third-person soldier animations being out of sync while transitioning viewpoints has also been addressed and balance tweaks have been made to the handling of Stealth and Attack Jets. For the China Rising DLC, animation glitches when aiming as a motorbike passenger have been fixed.

The PS4 patch also addresses a few platform-specific issues. Flickering in the maps and minimaps for Rouge Transmission and Operation Locker has been fixed and players will no longer accidentally spawn underneath the map in Lancang Dam. A bug specific to European territories in which the game would not start up in a handful of regional languages has also been fixed.

Patches across all platforms are continuing to roll out for Battlefield 4. Get caught up with the game's post-launch problems in our dedicated StoryStream.

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