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New Road Redemption video shows off graphics, grenade launchers

Developer DarkSeas Games shared a new video teasing its motorcycle combat game Road Redemption, showing off the title's revamped graphics and offering a first look at some of players' available arsenals.

The video posted above details graphical improvements Darkseas has made to the title since launching its Kickstarter campaign last year. Additionally, viewers get a first look at some early prototypes for a few weapons, the grenade launchers and uzis.

Road Redemption borrows from Electronic Arts' Road Rash series, as DarkSeas hopes to rejuvenate the motorcycle combat genre through its title. The game will include the ability to make "insane crashes" as well as destructible environments, ragdoll physics and and online multiplayer component.

Road Redemption was successfully funded through Kickstarter in May last year, exceeding its $160,000 goal and pulling in $173,803. The title is slated to launch for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Steam this summer.

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