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How No Man’s Sky devs want to use multiplayer

In creating its procedurally generated sci-fi exploration title, No Man's Sky, Hello Games hopes to capture the social aspect of multiplayer, developer Sean Murray recently told Edge.

Speaking with the publication, Murray said that when it comes to multiplayer, he's interested in the shared experience.

"[For example], the best time for me in an MMOG is those first few weeks, where everything is in flux and everyone is just trying to figure out the rules and the lore of the game," Murray said. "It's like you've landed in this universe that's just been created for you and you're all going to figure out how it works. And that is exactly what we want to create."

Murray added that as the game's playerbase grows, its galaxy will too. In this way, there will continually be new things to discover.

"The outer edges of the first galaxy will begin to be more explored, but as more and more players come into the game there are mechanisms we're bringing in that will keep everything in flux, and that ties in with things you can do that are of significance," Murray said.

No Man's Sky was announced during the Spike VGX awards in December 2013. The developer's studio flooded on Christmas Eve, though it's unclear if the damage had any effect on the game's production. For more on No Man's Sky, check out our interview with Murray.

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