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Moon's publishing rights return to Renegade Kid

Developer Renegade Kid has regained the publishing rights to Moon, its 2009 first-person shooter for the Nintendo DS, co-founder Jools Watsham announced today.

"We're very excited to have one of our babies back home in the Renegade Kid crib," Watsham told Polygon via email. "Moon is a game we are incredibly proud of, and have always wanted to do more with Major Kane's interstellar story.

"Due to various reasons, we weren't able to pursue these wishes in the past, but now we have the freedom to explore the 'Moon' universe," he wrote. "This is a very exciting prospect for us, and something I think many fans of the game will be happy about."

In July, Watsham stated that the Mutant Mudds developer had a five-year agreement with publisher Mastiff Games for Moon, which was due to expire in 2014. At the time, Watsham told Polygon that the developer "absolutely intend to support Moon with future development efforts" and purposely left the end of the first game open-ended to continue the story.

Earlier this month, Watsham teased that Renegade Kid will announce a new first person shooter for Nintendo 3DS in January. The game is expected to launch later this year. Initially pegged to launch late last year, Renegade Kid's 2D platformer Treasurenauts is slated to hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Q1 2014. The developer is also currently working on an unannounced title.

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