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Unity 4.3 adding PS Vita support

Cross-platform development software Unity version 4.3 will add support for Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld, according to a post on the Unity blog.

Licensed developers can use the Unity engine to create PS Vita games with support for the handheld's cameras, dual analog sticks, motions sensors and rear touchpad. Unity's PS Vita support also integrates PlayStation Network features, like friends, matchmaking and trophies.

"As with all the other platforms we support," the post reads, "Unity for PS Vita allows you to develop your game once, without rewriting the code from scratch; simply build and run it on your PS Vita devkit. Not only that, you can now create both 2D and 3D games with Unity 4.3, animate almost anything with the native animation system Mecanim, and implement very cool graphics. And all of it can be run directly on your PS Vita devkit for quick iteration!"

Unity CEO David Helgason announced in March 2013 that the Unity engine would include support for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile. Unity development tools also support Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U.

Released in November 2013, the Unity 4.3 update also added support for native 2D development. For a overview of games that use the Unity engine, be sure to check out the winners of the 2013 Unity Awards, which encompass a variety of platforms, including mobile.

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