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Polygon Live: Episode 1, ft. Broken Age

A new weekly show is upon you!

During the launches of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we decided to stream for 24 hours for your viewing pleasure. And you seemed to enjoy it! But console launches don't come around very often, so instead of waiting another eight years, we're bringing you a weekly show in the same spirit. And thus, Polygon Live is born. Again.

Polygon Live will have a singular focus: to show you the biggest releases of the week across consoles and PC. We'll be playing and talking about games, with special guests and surprises along the way.

So join us every Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET as we play through the latest and greatest releases in the world of video games. This week's rundown features Broken Age, Nidhogg and The Banner Saga with your hosts, Russ Frushtick and Chris Plante.

Questions about the games? Send them to Polygon's Twitter with the hashtag #polygonlive and we'll try to answer them during the show!

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