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Hello Games reassembled and developing after the flood

The flood that consumed Hello Games' office on Christmas Eve 2013 hasn't stopped work at the Joe Danger developer and won't delay No Man's Sky, founder Sean Murray revealed today on the developer's official blog.

The team at Hello reassembled in a temporary location, and some developers are working from home for now. Murray expects that Hello will be in a more permanent space in the next few months.

"What's happened sucks," Murray wrote. "It sucks to see years of concept art floating in muddy water, it sucks to lose so much so quickly (Christmas or not). When we moved into this office it was a wrecked warehouse, and we did it up real nice. It isn't some anonymous building to us, and it literally broke my heart to watch what happened. If you've been robbed (or flooded), you probably know how it feels. From the outside it might make us seem fragile as a company, but I promise we're strong and I hope we'll come out of this stronger."

As much of a setback as the flood was, Murray said that he doesn't anticipate that it will delay the procedurally generated No Man's Sky, which was revealed at the VGX awards last year.

"We won't let that happen!" he wrote.