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Catch a glimpse of Killzone: Shadow Fall's first two DLC maps

Killzone: Shadow Fall's first downloadable maps are called The Cruiser and The Hangar, and developer Guerrilla Games showed them off today with one piece of concept art each.

Like all of Shadow Fall's map DLC, The Cruiser and The Hangar will be available free. Both maps are inspired by important areas of the Shadow Fall campaign, according to Guerrilla.

The Cruiser, which you can see above (full image below), offers close-quarters and mid-range combat inside an ISA cruiser that's no longer in service. On the other hand, The Hangar takes place in a massive, well, hangar at a mining site on Helghan, and the wide-open map is a sniper's haven.

Guerrilla did not provide a release date for the maps. The studio is also working on the first downloadable expansion for Shadow Fall's multiplayer component, which will be available "in the near future." For more on the PlayStation 4 launch title, check out our full review.

The Cruiser


The Hangar


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