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Google's Niantic Labs creating AR tie-in game for Endgame trilogy

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Ingress developer and Google subsidiary Niantic Labs is developing an augmented reality game that ties in with author James Frey's young adult Endgame trilogy.

The upcoming game "builds on the success" of Ingress, Niantic's first augmented reality game, according to a joint press release, and is slated for Android and iOS devices in late 2014.

Niantic will also release six of the 15 planned digital Endgame novellas through the Google Play store.

"James has a great vision for telling stories in an integrated way across books, film, social media, and mobile games," said John Hanke, VP of product at Niantic. "We are delighted to bring our technology and expertise to bear on a project that is helping to define the future of entertainment."

HarperCollins will publish the first novel in the trilogy, Endgame: The Calling, Oct. 7, 2014. Earlier this month, Twentieth Century Fox secured the film rights to Endgame.