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Steam Controller update drops touchscreen, rearranges buttons

Valve unveiled a new prototype of its Steam Controller at Steam Dev Days today, according to reports from attendees of the developer-only conference. The revised controller appears to have done away with the high resolution touchscreen shown in the Steam Controller's original unveiling, and rearranges some button placement.

Gone are the A, B, X and Y buttons that once sat at the corners of the touchscreen — the prototype that shipped with the Steam Machine beta featured a four quadrant touch pad — which appear to have been shifted into a more traditional cross pad-style layout. Also gone from the controller, based on a photo posted by Leszek Godlewski, are the three buttons that sat below the touchpad and brought up a Steam Big Picture overlay.

Developer Tomas Rawlings of Auroch Digital posted on Twitter that Valve said the touchscreen "was removed as ghost mode made it redundant," referring to the user interface overlay that showed Steam Controller input bindings.

According to reports from attendees, Valve has its new prototype on-hand and apparently playable in some form. On Instagram, Sergey Galyonkin of developer Nival posted a photo of a prototype of the new controller.

Last week, Valve brought the beta version of its Steam Controller to CES, and told Polygon that it was planning to make revisions to its hardware based on feedback from users and for manufacturing. The company plans to release its Steam Controller sometime this summer as Steam Machines roll out.

For more on the Steam Controller, check out our hands-on impressions of the device and Valve's plans to support its games, including titles like Dota 2, with the gamepad.

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