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Steam Holiday Sale saw 2M daily community market transactions, 2M Snow Globe card trades

Valve's latest annual Holiday Sale resulted in 1.7 million holiday in-game items given out and two million daily community market transactions, the company revealed at Steam Dev Days today, according to a Tweet from the developer-only conference attendee Dave Oshry.

Steam hosted a Snow Globe trading card metagame during the holiday promotion, where users who collected enough Snow Globe-marked cards earned an exclusive badge, unlocking in-game content in free-to-play titles like Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. According to the company, two million Snow Globe card trades were recorded during the sale.

The company also announced today that the number of Steam accounts rose by 15 percent in three months to 75 million from 65 million and that North America and Europe made up 41 and 40 percent of 2013's sales revenue, respectively. The company revealed that 7 million people are using the Steam mobile app, with 55 percent of that figure Android users compared to 45 percent iOS.

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