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BioShock film concept artist shows what could've been

The BioShock film is no more, but you can see what might have been illuminated on the silver screen, thanks to concept artist Jim Martin.

As the image above implies, as do several more in a gallery on Martin's official site, the film may have taken viewers into parts of Rapture that gamers never saw, like the industrial girders of the underwater city. Check out the gallery linked above to see more of the Rapture that never was, including a different take on the Bathysphere mixed in with the series' familiar art deco influences.

BioShock mastermind Ken Levine said last year that he canceled the film after its budget was reportedly slashed from $200 million to $80 million. There were also disagreements with the replacement director Universal Studios brought in after the original director, Gore Verbinski, departed the project.

According to his website and IMDB, Martin's other film credits include Captain America: The First Avenger, Oblivion and Starship Troopers. His video game credits include Aliens: Colonial Marines and Resistance 2.