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Total War: Rome 2 mod tools now available in beta on Steam

A beta version of Total War: Rome 2's suite of mod tools, the Assembly Kit, is now available through Steam, developer The Creative Assembly announced today.

The free set of tools is designed to help get modders rolling on creative endeavors for Rome 2 and can be downloaded through Steam's Tools section. These tools include ways to edit Rome 2's database and variants as well as process data for user-created animations, textures and start position for the game's campaign. The set also features exporters enabling users to utilize third-party software for editing animations and models.

The Assembly Kit comes with "example data" featuring soldiers, animation sets, naval vessels and a complete model of Rome 2's backend to get users started. Completed mods can be uploaded to Steam Workshop directly through the Rome 2 launcher. According to The Creative Assembly, more than 1,000 user mods are already available for perusal through the launcher.

Developers plan to continuously add more tools to the Assembly Kit over time as they are developed. More information on installing and using the Assembly Kit can be found on the Total War: Rome 2 wiki.

Total War: Rome 2 launched in September 2013 for Windows PC. The Creative Assembly is also currently working on a survival horror title based in the Alien universe, Alien: Isolation.

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