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Necrosoft Games' Gunhouse now available on PlayStation Mobile

Necrosoft Games' Gunhouse is now available on PlayStation Mobile for $3.29, Sony announced this week.

Brandon Sheffield, director of Necrosoft Games, describes Gunhouse as a "pseudo-turn-based, puzzle game/tower defense sort of hybrid." Players must protect a group of orphans from an onslaught of enemies. This is accomplished by combining blocks into guns of increasing size and firepower, and unloading those guns and special attacks on enemies. Interested parties can get an idea of how Gunhouse plays out by watching the trailer above.

Jim Crawford, creator of the web game Frog Fractions, did coding work on Gunhouse, and Fez composer Disasterpeace contributed the soundtrack. Gunhouse's colorful art style came from illustrator and graphic designer Juan Ramirez, while Sheffield designed the game. Sheffield also posted a bunch of tips on the PlayStation Blog today.

Gunhouse for PlayStation Mobile was originally created during the inaugural Molyjam, a game jam based on the tweets of a Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account. Gunhouse's inspirational tweet was the following:

"You live in a little house made of guns. You need many guns to fight invaders but also need to keep a roof on top of your many children."

"We worked on it for 48 hours, and made a little thing that kind of worked," Sheffield told Polygon in an email. "But it took an entire year of tough work to get from that game to this one — the two games are completely different from each other, but the spirit of Molyjam is still in there."

Gunhouse is available on PlayStation Vita in the PS Mobile section of the PlayStation Store, and owners of PlayStation Certified mobile devices can buy the game in the PS Mobile Store.

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