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Valve joins forces with Oculus "to drive PC VR forward"

Valve believes consumer-ready virtual technology invested by the company is another two years away, according attendees at the developer-only Steam Dev Days conference, and is working with Oculus "to drive PC VR forward."

The company also revealed that it currently has no plans to produce its own VR hardware, instead marking Oculus as "the obvious candidate" to ship Valve-invested VR tech. Valve collaborated with Oculus on the tracking for the Crystal Cove prototype headset and will continue to work with the company. Claiming that "the PC will be the hotbed for VR," Valve believes that Linux, Windows PC and Mac will be the "VR epicenter."

According to Tweets from conference attendee Dave Oshry, the company estimates that by 2015 Valve-invested, consumer-ready VR will feature 20 ms motion-to-last latency, 3 ms pixel persistence, 95 Hz refresh rate, 1K x 1K resolution per eye and more.

Valve's Steam Client Beta received an experimental VR mode earlier this week, allowing Oculus virtual reality headset users to interact with Steam's Big Picture Mode. It was reported last week that Valve will launch a VR software development kit during its conference that will offer developers a standardized way of creating an interface for VR controllers.

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