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Respawn issues hit Battlefield 4 PC in wake of server update

A server update that went live over night for Battlefield 4 on Windows PC has apparently caused users a number of problems and may have introduced a bug preventing payers from respawning, according to posts on Reddit and Battlelog.

DICE has yet to share details on all changes made with the update, but server update R20 seems to be preventing some players from respawning after dying, according to a thread on Reddit discussing the issue. Other players are reporting on the Battlelog forums that they can't connect to servers altogether or are booted out in the middle of matches.

Some players have reported that updating their Punkbuster files solves the respawning problem. According to the thread, this quick fix does not work all the time, and some have reported further crash problems after tinkering with the Punkbuster files.

Polygon has reached out to EA for details on these issues and when a fix can be expected. We will share information as we receive it.

Battlefield 4 has received numerous patches and updates across all platforms in the months following its October launch. Follow along with our coverage of the title here.