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EverQuest Next Landmark claims system detailed

In EverQuest Next Landmark, players will be able to determine who can build and use what on their claims, but will have to adhere to a maintenance system in order to keep them, according to a recent livestream from the Sony Online Entertainment development team.

Claims in EverQuest Next are instant — there is no downtime set-up period — and are currently sized at 70x70x100 meters. Players won't be able to prevent others from entering their claims, but they do have the ability to choose whether they are hidden or visible and can give others permission to build things on their claims. These structures can be usable things, like a crafting forge, and claim owners can also choose whether to give others permission to use them. According to the stream, there will be different levels of permission, allowing players to set up their own rules for how their claim is run.

Players will be allowed to make claims adjacent to one another and can build items across the claim boundaries. Other players' claims will appear as gray squares and can be viewed on the main map. Claim owners can name and provide a description for their claim, which will be viewable to all players, and can rate other owners' claims.

SOE will introduce an upkeep system to ensure there's never a large number of abandoned claims. Players who do not upkeep their claims will lose them, but everything they own there will be saved. The claim can be reclaimed if no one else has already moved into it. Active claims can be moved and SOE hopes to eventually make them transferrable and purchasable between players.

During EverQuest Next's alpha testing, SOE will implement a limit on the number of claims players can have. This will be relaxed later on, with the number being determined by maintenance costs for the properties. At the end of EverQuest Next Landmark's closed beta, all claims will be erased. However, players will be able to keep all claims made during the title's open beta phase. Players will be able to begin claiming land during alpha testing, and will start the game with a claim flag.

More information on claims, as well as other details on unlockable items and inventory, is available in the stream video.

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