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Project Phoenix adds PayPal pledge tiers, rewards

Project Phoenix, a crowd-funded role-playing game from a team of industry veterans, has added a new pledge system through PayPal, according to the Kickstarter campaign's latest update.

The tiers for PayPal backers are higher than those of the Kickstarter campaign, which concluded last September. PayPal tiers begin at the $10 Supporter tier and extend to the $5,000 Entrepreneur tier.

"As many of you have already noticed, we have re-launched our payment system with a modified set of tiers," the update reads. "Our original prices were the bare minimum that we could ask for, while still calculating for Amazon and Kickstarter's share. We've since increased the prices for most of the tiers to a more reasonable amount."

Those who backed the game via Kickstarter will also receive all new rewards associated with the updated tiers without having to pay the new price.

PayPal funding will continue to add to the game's overall amount and stretch goals. The next goal for Project Phoenix is at $1.65 million and adds two addition zones, side stories and a musical collaboration.

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