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FTL: Advanced Edition features a new alien race of metallic scavengers

FTL: Advanced Edition, the upcoming expansion for Subset Games' indie spacefaring roguelike, will feature a new alien race of metallic scavengers called The Lanius.

The Lanius can survive in deep space without life support and can drain oxygen from any compartments they occupy due to their "unique compositions" reacting with artificial environments. The new race can remain dormant for years while travelling through space, awakening when they detect "significant metal deposits."

The expansion's previously announced features include new weapons, augments, systems, enemies and more. New drones include the Shield Drone "that generates a green super shield for your ship," the Anti-Combat Drone that destroys enemy combat drones, along with the Ion Intruder that "blasts into the enemy ship and randomly ionizes systems while stunning and distracting crew." A new space sector and new storyline written by Tom Jubert and guest contributor Chris Avellone will also be featured in the coming update.

FTL: Advanced Edition is expected to launch in early 2014 alongside an iPad port of the title featuring the new content. While the expansion will be free to those who have purchased the game on Windows PC, Linux or Mac, the iPad version will be available as a separate purchase.

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