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Fighting is Magic dev to launch crowdfunding campaign for next project

Fighting is Magic developer Mane6 plans to launch a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter or IndieGoGo early this year to fund the development of its next fighting game project, according to a post on the developer's blog.

"As you guys know, our team for the past project, and so far for this one, has consisted of volunteers donating their time to the project for no economical compensation whatsoever, fueled only by passion and hype," the blog post reads. "While this last part is still true, we've hit (a couple months back, actually), a point where we can not continue dedicating the full extent of our free time to development, due to other pressing obligations, namely the developers main payjobs and school."

A successful crowdfunding campaign will allow the core development team to work on the project fulltime. It will also enable Mane6 to make the required tool upgrades and license software libraries such as GGPO, which will contribute to "a better online-multiplayer experience."

Post-crowdfunding, the team plans to focus on the game's development fulltime where the models will be completed, main animation work will begin and "characters will start taking shape in the engine." As it owns the current project’s IP, development won’t be as "tight-lipped" as it was during Fighting is Magic’s production. Mane6 will live stream its work processes but currently can’t share when or how often.

"It’s at this point we’ll also be introducing you guys properly to the characters and their universe. We’ll have some side-stuff that’ll help us that way," the post reads. "We have some ideas on how to go about this already, and we hope you guys enjoy this part of the process as much as we look forward to getting there!"

Hasbro killed the development of fan-made fighting game Fighting is Magic in February, refusing to grant Mane6 permission to create a game based on the My Little Pony franchise.

Lauren Faust, the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, teamed up with Mane6 to assist with the game's development, creating new characters and a new setting for the game to get around the issue. Earlier this year, Lab Zero Games donated a free Skullgirls engine license for Mane6 to use in the game.

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