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Comcast working with Microsoft to resolve Xbox One Wi-Fi bug

Some Xbox One owners who subscribe to broadband internet service from Comcast are currently unable to play games over Wi-Fi due to a bug with IPv6 network addresses, and the company is working with Microsoft on the problem, according to Comcast.

"Comcast and Microsoft are aware of a software issue affecting the ability of Xbox One users to play some games online. This issue is only observed when the Xbox One is connected to a network via WiFi and when that network also has an IPv6 address. In those conditions online gameplay for some titles may not work," reads a service advisory posted by Comcast on Dec. 17.

The issue is "hit or miss" as to the games that can't be played over Wi-Fi, said Jason Livingood, Comcast's vice president of internet and communications engineering, in a post on the DSLReports forums.

Affected users can use a workaround for the time being: connect their Xbox One to the internet with an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Comcast is working with Microsoft on the problem, and the telecommunications company added, "We anticipate that Microsoft will release a software update after the holidays that will resolve this issue."

For users of the Arris TG862G wireless gateway, the issue manifests as an inability for the Xbox One to stay connected over Wi-Fi because of a "firewall setting that can cause MTU, Live Connection Error or Can't Access the Internet errors," according to a post in the Xbox forums. The latest firmware update for that particular device, version 7.6.59c, should resolve the issue.

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