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Mega Man: The Board Game Kickstarter concludes successfully with $415K (update)

The Kickstarter campaign to fund Mega Man: The Board Game, Jasco Games' officially licensed Mega Man board game, successfully ended today with more than $415K in pledges.

Easily hitting its initial target of $70,000, the campaign achieved numerous stretch goals, which will see the addition of Gold Guts Man, Gold Cut Man, Yellow Devil, protagonist robot master cards, seven Mega Man alternate poses and more.

"We are absolutely thrilled and amazed at how well the Kickstarter turned out, and we’re so excited that thousands of fans are interested in the board game," a Jasco Games spokesperson told Polygon. "It was a great learning experience and we got some excellent feedback, some of which we’ll be incorporating in the final design. We really wanted to do something special for Mega Man and thanks to our fans, we believe that we’re going to deliver an amazing product."

Some of the contents for the standard Mega Man: The Board Game package includes boss boards, various boss cards, challenge tokens, six card player decks, minion tokens, player character cards and numerous other items. Game pieces for Ice Man, Fire Man, six Mega Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Dr. Wily and others are also included. The $140 Delux Bundle sees the inclusion of Time Man, Oil Man, extra Mega Man pieces, additional player decks and more.

Those interested can still back still back the Kickstarter through PayPal, which will contribute towards stretch goals, and modify pledges via BackerKit. Mega Man: The Board Game's estimated release date is October 2014. To learn more about the game and its basics, check out the video below to see the board game in action.

Update: This article has been updated with comments from Jasco.

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