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First-person cat simulator Catlateral Damage modes detailed

Catlateral Damage designer Chris Chung has detailed the upcoming game modes slated to come to the final build of the first-person cat simulator.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Chung listed a stealth ransacking mode called Cat Ops, an exploration-focused free mode and a Time Trials mode. The indie title, which was created as a free browser game prototype for FPS game jam 7DFPS, puts you in the role of a cat whose only task is to knock things off of shelves.

In the game's Cat Ops mode, the aim will be to knock over objects at night without making too much noise. Likewise, the Time Trials mode tasks the player with achieving a high score in the shortest time possible.

"Level design is also in progress, but I'd like to create levels in such a way that the earlier levels are somewhat small (individual rooms) and progressively get bigger," Chung said. "I plan on creating entire houses broken up into individual rooms, so it'll be possible to block off rooms as separate levels or give the player full access to the whole house."

Catlateral Damage will launch later this year on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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