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Immersion is a gaming headset to prevent gamer rage

Samuel Matson has come up with the preliminary designs for a headset that aims to get rid of gamer rage.

The headset, called Immersion, uses biometricks to track the user's heart rate, which will then adjust what is happening in-game. According to the designer, the piece is created by modifying an Xbox controller with a pulse sensor to read the gamer's heart rate and provide both visual and haptic feedback during gameplay.

An optical pulse sense is built into the headset's earpiece to record the user's heart rate and read minute color changes in the user's ear tissue to approximate a pulse.

To test the prototype, Matson designed a basic shooter using the Unity game engine and a modified Bootcamp template that could intepret data from the pulse sensor. When the player's heart rate was calm the game was easier with fewer and weaker enemies on the screen, while the game becomes increasingly difficult as their heart rate escalates.

You can check out Matson's full run-down of Immersion here.

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