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See the definitive Lara Croft in action in Tomb Raider dev diary

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

An upgraded Lara Croft model is one of the key pieces of the upcoming Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider, and publisher Square Enix showed off the visual improvements in a developer diary today.

Executive producer Scot Amos highlighted the ways in which Crystal Dynamics, working with United Front Games (Xbox One version) and Nixxes Software (PlayStation 4 version), redesigned the character model for Lara Croft. The studios added high-resolution textures and redid the head model's topology to add more detail, and brought in AMD's TressFX hair simulation technology from last year's Windows PC version of Tomb Raider.

Enhanced mud, blood and water effects can be seen on Croft's skin, which also evinces sub-surface scattering: Light goes below the skin and diffuses realistically. Outside of the Croft model itself, objects that she carries — such as her weapons, radio and climbing axe — now move as you would expect them to, thanks to a physics simulation for them.

For more on the developers' changes to Tomb Raider in the Definitive Edition, which launches Jan. 28 on PS4 and Xbox One for $59.99, check out our interview with Amos.

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