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Guild Wars 2's current storyline enters its final battle today (update)

Guild Wars 2 wraps up its current living world storyline today with Origins of Madness, the final showdown between the citizens of Tyria and their longtime antagonist Scarlet Briar, ArenaNet announced.

How players combat the dark forces in Origins of Madness will set the bar for what happens down the line in the war against Briar. Players will face the genius tactician on two fronts: the mountains of Lornar's Pass, where Briar's armies and the massive robot Twisted Marionette are gathering strength; and on the Bloodtide Coast, where Briar has awoken an ancient evil — the three-headed Great Jungle Wurm. Players will have to team up in groups to assault and take down both major foes.

ArenaNet says that players will discover "truly startling revelations" about Briar and her unsavory plans for the world of Tyria as the storyline concludes.

Earlier this month, ArenaNet announced it would wrap up its current player-driven living world storyline, which has been ongoing for a year, this month.

Update: AreaNeta has told Polygon Origins of Madness will be the first of four releases to hit every two weeks over the next three months. These updates will work through the war against Scarlet Briar. This "season" will end with these releases and set the stage for a second season coming later this year.

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