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Xbox One to receive on-demand and live sports streams at 60 fps

Xbox One users are set to receive access to live and on-demand sports content through Microsoft's multi-year partnership with IPTV company, NeuLion.

With Microsoft's agreement to licence the NeuLion Sports Platform, Xbox One users will be able to view live 24/7 linear channels and on-demand sports broadcasts at up to 6 mbps per stream and at 60 frames per second, according to an announcement. Streams will also be integrated with real-time data for stats and highlights.

Multiple live sports feed captures are fed to NeuLion's cloud based service, which are then formatted and delivered to the Xbox One. Specific live sports content delivered by NeuLion on the console — who previously worked on several Xbox 360 applications —  is determined by Microsoft.

Microsoft currently offers two sports-centric apps on its next-gen hardware: an upgraded version of the existing ESPN experience and an NFL-specific app. The ESPN app features the same interface as the NFL app and retrieves users' preferences from their ESPN web accounts. The NFL on Xbox One app is a live feed of the NFL Network, including the NFL RedZone. It also draws content from the NFL and NFL site fantasy football websites so users can track their teams and leagues.

Polygon reached out to Microsoft and NeuLion for more information about the service's content and expected launch date.

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