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Dead Rising 3 hit 1M sales within a month

Xbox One sales of Capcom Vancouver's open-world zombie slaughter-fest, Dead Rising 3, sailed passed the one million milestone, Capcom announced today.

The shipment figure was achieved in the month between its release alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22 and Dec. 20. The milestone encompasses sales within the console's launch regions, such as Europe, North America and "other Xbox One launch markets."

The previous title in the series, Dead Rising 2, surpassed two million copies shipped worldwide within the first months of hitting retail. Dead Rising, released in 2006, shipped more than one million copies worldwide within six months. As of Dec. 31, 2013, global shipments of the franchise totals more seven million units since the first Dead Rising's launch.

Dead Rising 3 received a 13GB patch this week ahead of its DLC expansion release. The update fixed problems with picking up items, Achievements and trials tied to PP and blueprints and more. It also improved game performance and stability. The game's first of four planned downloadable expansions, Operation Broken Eagle, launched on Jan. 21.

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