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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians adds PS4 stretch goal to Kickstarter campaign

Tactical RPG Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians could come to PlayStation 4, according to the latest stretch goal added to publisher Playdek's Kickstarter campaign.

The development team has also included a few additional stretch goals to the project on top of this, while re-working its earlier stretch goals following comments from its fanbase. This includes confirmation of the release of a copy of the game to every backer that hits the $80 tier.

At the $750,000 tier, the team will hire English and Japanese translators Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder to translate the game. Both have previously worked with Final Fantasy Tactics designer Yasumi Matsuno.

At the $1 million tier, Hitoshi Sakimoto will be brought onto the team and a version of the game will start development for PS Vita systems. The next tier will bring the game to PS4, for a funding goal of $1.25 million, followed by a Nintendo 3DS release priced at a $1.5 million tier.

The remainder of the stretch goals includes the introduction of co-operative play, a map creator, challenge and arena modes, and a live concert from Hitoshi Sakimoto, with the highest tier reaching $2.4 million.

Unsung Story, a planned series of games designed and overseen by Matsuno, was first announced at Tokyo Game Show last year. Two games are already confirmed, the first being a digital card game - simply titled Unsung Story -planned for release this year and the second, Tale of the Guardians, a more traditional, tactics-style RPG in the vein of Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is described as "the next step in the evolution of the RPG tactics game" by its creators. The game presents players with an original fantasy world, Rasfalia, in which knights, wizards and archers battle in a decades-long war. Told from the perspective of "those who make history but are never recognized for it," Unsung Story promises a traditional hero's journey featuring ordinary soldiers who "bring about great changes by the small choices they make in life."

Full details on the updated funding tiers can be found here.

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