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This will let you say 'Happy Birthday,' 'Get Well Soon' with a video game

Netherlands-based developer TinglyGames launched its Greeting Games service today, an online program that lets users customize and send casual games within digital greeting cards, the company announced today.

Greeting Games is the first endeavor by TinglyGames, founded by former GameHouse director of studio Ard Bonewald and GameMaker software creator Mark Overmars. The service allows users to tailor a casual game and send it to loved ones through a digital greeting card. Users can add in-game messages as well as set the difficulty level, customize any attached messages within the card's email and link their Facebook profile picture to the card.

Games used in the service include match-three games, bubble shooters, sudoku, mahjong, slicers, blasters, word games and jigsaw puzzles. TinglyGames plans to expand on these genres in the future and will add more personalization options, including customization of how the card itself looks.

"Games have become a part of our daily lives," said Bonewald in a press statement. "We not only play them, we socialize through them. We even find friends and partners via games. Games are a new form of communication. By combining games with greeting cards, another more established form of communication, we are enabling senders and receivers to have even more fun with their greetings and conversations with each other."

Greeting Games is built using HTML5 and should run on all devices including tablets and smartphones, according to the studio. The service is currently available for free through the end of this month, and will be available as a subscription service or pay-as-you-go for individual cards after that.

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