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Arcade classic Robotron: 2084 getting postmortem at GDC

Classic 2D arcade shooter Robotron: 2084 will be featured in a Classic Game Postmortem session during the 2014 Game Developers Conference, event organizers announced today.

The talk will be given by Eugene Jarvis, veteran designer, programmer and creator of Robotron: 2084, the title Jarvis made after popular 1980 scrolling arcade shooter Defender. Jarvis' talk will cover the development of the title as well as its influence on video games.

Robotron: 2084 was developed by Vid Kidz, founded by Jarvis alongside Defender co-designer Larry DeMar, and published by Williams Electronics in 1982. In the game, players face off against endless waves of robots and try to rescue humans in danger at the same time.

Last month, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences announced Jarvis will be honored with the 2014 Pioneer Award at the DICE Summit awards ceremony on Feb. 6.

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