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How Happy Wars' latest update changes the rules

The eleventh update for Happy Wars, Toylogic's free-to-play battler for Xbox 360, is live and adds new modes, rules and leveling options.

According to a press release from the developer, a new game mode called Bounty Hunters allows teams to compete over bounties earned when they kill enemies and conquer towers, and the team that reaches a certain bounty wins. Bounty Hunters will run until Jan. 29.

The update also changes Training mode to Skirmish mode, which now gives players score, items and Happy Stars. Aside from bug fixes, update 11 also adds "item experience points," which allow items to gain experience when used in multiplayer.

Happy Wars, which launched last year free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, is now playable with free Xbox Live accounts, excepting the Multiplayer, Missions and the Treasure Map modes.

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