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Role-playing game Styx heading to Windows PC this year

Indie game maker Cyanide Studios will release an infiltration-based, role-playing game called Styx: Master of Shadows for Windows PC later this year, the developer announced via its website.

Styx will take place in the Tower of Akenash, where players will act as the titular character and the "first of all goblins and master in the arts of stealth." After breaking into the tower, Styx must sneak past humans, orcs and elves while trying to find his way to treasure.

The game includes several missions, such as information recovery, theft and murder, that require players to be wary of enemy behavior and prepare before jumping into action. Objectives can be completed in a number of ways, and as players progress, they'll unlock new skills through the game's six talent trees.

Styx has already spent "many months in development."

Cyanide is the Paris-based developer behind games such as Of Orcs and Men, Blood Bowl: Star Coach and Dogs of War Online. The developer also released a role-playing game based on the novel and HBO series Game of Thrones, which is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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