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Payday 2 update can make you an infamous plague doctor

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Infamous is what you become when you've done it all in Payday 2 and you don't mind tossing aside some progress to build yourself back up as a pro.

According to Overkill Software's official site for Infamy, the heist-based shooter's latest free update for Windows PC introduces a new concept based on success. Reach level 100, and you can purchase a level of Infamy for $200 million of in-game currency.

Becoming infamous also means you'll lose your level progress, spent and unspent skill points and the aforementioned millions. However, you'll gain one of 14 cards that prove you're a pro, an Infamy point to spend in a new skill tree and the aforementioned card. Every time you level up, you'll earn a new card and an Infamy point to spend. At launch, only tier one is available. The rest will be "unlocked at a later date," according to Overkill.

Check out the gallery below to see the new masks, patterns and materials that you can earn through Pay Day 2's new Infamy tree.