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Battlelog update brings tweaks across all platforms to Loadout, server search

An update to the Battelog in-game service for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 went live earlier this week, bringing with it a ton of tweaks to how Loadout is used and fixes for a recurring problem with chat, according to a post on the Battelog website.

In Loadout, players can now click an "apply to all" button when sifting through weapons; this will affect knives, pistols, grenades, and vehicle weapons and paint colors. Images can now be hidden in Loadout and items will display whether or not a certain DLC or a Premium membership is needed to acquire them. Problems viewing active slots on other soldiers, comparison stats bars not updating properly when switching weapons and paint selections resetting automatically have also been fixed.

Additionally, improvements have been made to how players connect to servers using Battlelog. The Server Browser will not filter servers to show which servers contain content from expansions. The Custom Region feature has also been tweaked, and a backend issue with Air Mail assignments has been fixed.

Other smaller fixes have been implemented for issues with date-based Battlefield 3 Premium content, like strategy guides and videos, disappearing and problems in which new Suggestions would randomly appear under the Suggestions feature.

DICE is also looking into problems with in-game Battlelog not loading properly in the Playstation 4 version. According to the post, players should close and re-open Battlelog — this resolves the issue some of the time. Another issue with disappearing chat messages is also currently being investigated.

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