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Kerbal Space Program tailored for teaching with KerbalEdu

Kerbal Space Program developer Squad and TeacherGaming, the organization behind the MinecraftEdu educational program, have teamed up to mod Squad's title for classroom purposes, the companies announced today.

KerbalEdu aims to teach children about rocket science and space travel through the sandbox-style space flight sim. The title will feature lessons designed to teach metric and other data measurement systems and problem solving through working with spaceship designs. This educational version of the game includes a modified user interface featuring new data collector and analyzer tools to teach how to work with raw data. The KerbalEdu program will also feature premade lessons introducing different scientific methods and come with out-of-game materials to complement lessons.

KerbalEdu is still in development and will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Squad will also continue to develop the original Kerbal Space Program, which is currently in an alpha state and available through Steam and Squad's website.

Educational institutions can purchase Kerbal Space Program's educational version through the program's website at $17 per license and $330 for 25 licenses. Pricing for the KerbalEdu mod will be announced at a later date, but according to the website will cost less than $50.

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